Deerwalk Foundation, in association with Deerwalk Services, donated books to Shree Janata Lower Secondary School, which is a government school located in Piple village that can be reached by walking an hour and a half from Myanglung, the district headquarters of Terhathum.

The books were handed over to the school authorities in November 2014 by Tulsi Ramtel who took the initiative for coordination of the donation. The small library, which was established using one of the school rooms, now consists of about 450 books.

Mr. Bhuwan Dahal, the school principal, said , “We really wanted to establish a library but had no fund to do so. What Deerwalk did for us is truly amazing and I am sure all our students will be benefited from it.” Roshan Ghimire, a student at the school, expressed that he is very happy to have a library at his school and is planning to read as many books as he can before he finishes his schooling.