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On 2nd October 2016, Deerwalk Foundation donated Rs.5,76,000 to Lions Club of Dhading Peace Khanikhola for the purchase of an Ambulance.

A Tata Sumo worth Rs.9,67,000 was purchased including other funds collected from the local people. The Lions Club of Dhadhing Peace Khanikhola organized a gathering to inaugurate the opening ceremony of the ambulance. The event was attended by Director of Deerwalk Foundation, Mr. Surendra Nath Adhikari, co-ordinator Ms. Samjhana Pokhrel and two volunteers from Social Service Club, Mohan Singh Bomrel and Siddhartha Giri.

During the event, Director of Deerwalk Foundation, Mr Surendra Nath Adhikari was honored for the remarkable support towards the community and its people.

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