On 21st of January,2016, Deerwalk Foundation helped a 70-year-old woman named Kanchi Tamang.

Though she was born in Banepa, she lives in Ratopul, Kathmandu with her daughter who is mentally ill. She had lost her husband when she was 40. After that, she somehow managed to live her life accordingly. People who live around Ratopul said that she is so active and tries every possible work to earn money to make her and her daughter’s life easier. Previously, she used to sell nuts and sometimes, seasonal vegetables. But, that was not helpful as she had to face many problems, such as her daughter used to eat all the nuts and they ended up failing to make profits. She was asked is she had got Nepali Citizenship or not. Unfortunately, she had lost her citizenship and is currently struggling to get it from the government officials of local area. With the help of Citizenship, she could get old-citizen Allowance. Upon the request of going to old age home, she completely refused to do so because she has to look upon her grandchildren who study near the school.

A team lead by Campus Chief, Surendra nath Adhikari along with President of DWIT Social Service Club, Mohan Singh Bomrel went to Ratopul. The other members for this cause were: Samjhana Pokhrel, Abhishek Khatiwada, Pemma Ghising Tamang, and a Deerwalk employee, Raghu Nath Pathak. Deerwalk Foundation provided the following materials to her: 25 kg of Rice ,5 kg of Flour, 2 Blankets, 2 Trousers ,2 litters of Edible Oil, 3 packets of Salt.

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