One must always aspire to go beyond the call of duty and help to make a change in someone else’s life. More than 3 years of working in software industry had made Suvash Shah Thakuri want to share his knowledge; and what better place to begin from than to go back to his roots, the place that gave him his start.

In this IT age, Kathmandu city seems to have merged itself with the technical revolution; but there are still a lot of places where computer knowledge remains confined within the context of the books. Therefore to help make a change, Suvash, with the help of Deerwalk, decided to organize a 6 day Information Technology workshop. It ran from April 1st to the 6th. Total resources included 10 computers, and the venue accommodated 20-22 enthusiastic people.

The 6 day course was planned as following:

Day 1 (April 1) Introduction to Computer. Configuring PC for the first time. Introductions on PC peripherals including keyboard, mouse and monitor. Operating system. Functionalities of turning the computer on/off, logging on/off
Day 2 (April 2) Creating/deleting a user. Document management using folders
Day 3 (April 3) Microsoft Office 2007 Word
Day 4 (April 4)
Day 5 (April 5)
Day 6 (April 6) Microsoft Office 2007 Power Point. Email & Internet

The attendees were from all the age groups. There were few in their early 30s, a few in mid 40s, a few high school graduates and most of them teachers from local schools in the area. Suvash really had to simplify the explanations regarding computers and its functionalities in order for everyone to be able to understand the content.

The technology workshop proved to be quite fruitful. By the end, the attendees were able to create their bio-data and perform simple tasks such as organizing a mark sheet using MS Office tools. Everyone was enthused by the workshop and was keen on learning the technology. It was obvious that resources were all they lacked; the interest in computers was in abundance.

Suvash enjoyed conducting the workshop and was satisfied with its outcome. In that duration, he was able to make people realize that technology was not only for entertainment but its advantages went beyond the TV sets and fancy cell phones people carried. He has been encouraged to do more. He says it is just the beginning, there is still a long way to go.