Heavy rainfall in August 2017 caused widespread flooding in 30+ districts of Nepal, with the highest number of people affected in the districts of Saptari, Rautahat, Mahottari, Siraha, Bardiya, Sunsari, Banke, Chitwan, Morang, Sarlahi, Kailali and Jhapa. This disaster left 130+ dead, 9,800+ houses destroyed, 44,000+ families temporarily displaced and 300,000+ families affected.

As a Deerwalk response to the disaster, donations were collected from the employees of Deerwalk Services, Deerwalk Inc, Deerwalk Institute of Technology and Deerwalk Sifal School. Deerwalk Inc made additional corporate donation. A total of NPR 419,865.50 was collected and handed over to Deerwalk Foundation for disbursement.

On August 19, 2017, Deerwalk Foundation sent a team, comprising of Saurav Thakur, Tulsi Ramtel and Sandeep Sada, to Aurahi, Saptari. With the coordination of local authorities, a total of 84 households were identified as most affected in the area and NPR 4,500 per household was distributed to 49 affected families in Aurahi and 35 affected families in an adjoining village. Remaining cash will be utilized by Deerwalk Foundation for future relief work.

In addition to the cash contributions, Deerwalk Institute of Technology sponsored the transportation cost for the relief team and Deerwalk Services sponsored their food and lodging.

We are thankful to all the contributors for their donation.

Deerwalk Services (Nepal) Employees 124,904.00
Deerwalk Inc (US) Employees 171,306.50
Deerwalk Inc (US) 102,300.00
Deerwalk Institute of Technology Employees 9,400.00
Deerwalk Sifal School Employees 11,955.00
Total 419,865.50
Cash Donation to Victim Households (NPR 4,500 x 84) 378,000.00
Cash to Local Volunteers (NPR 1,000 x 10) 10,000.00
Total 388,000.00
Cash with Deerwalk Foundation for future relief work 31,865.50