Relief Work - Day 11
On 8th May 2015, 12th day of our relief work, 8 volunteers of Deerwalk Foundation moved to Kanakot, Naubise to handover cash relief to people who lost their houses due to the Earthquake. It took around 3 hours to complete the relief program. Because of time constraint, we partially completed the distribution.

When we reached the village we were really disturbed to see the condition of the villagers. Almost all the houses of the village were collapsed and the villagers were living outside their house in tents. People were found to be cooperative and helped the team in data collection and distribution of cash. Firstly, we talked to the villagers and collected the names of the villagers whose house was affected by the earthquake. All together, there are 60 houses registered so far. Surprisingly, three of the villagers requested us to give their part to other needy people.Then, we walked around the village to observe the houses. Once we reached the top of the village, we started distributing cash of 5000 Rs each starting with Chet Bahadur Bogati. We distributed funds to 38 households in total today. While distributing the money we also interacted with the villagers; they were really happy and thankful to receive help. The trip ended at about 5:30 pm, with lots of satisfaction in our hearts. Finally, we wrapped up the task today, promising them that we will be back next week to cover the rest of the households.

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