On 10th May, 2015, a joint team of Deerwalk Foundation members (Sudan Khadgi, Niraj Thapa, Shyam Sundar Swonepa, Sabin Krishna Shrestha, Mani Raj Golay, Sujesh M. Shakya, Sumit Shakya) and Edushala (Suraj Thapa) moved to Lhamosangho, Sindhupalchowk to distribute clothes to the earthquake victims of that area. The journey was quite smooth but seeing the devastated village on the way was really heart-breaking. The team reached Lhamosangho at around 3 pm and met the local representative, Mr. Rabindra Pradhan who was from Lhamosangho Valley Samaj, the organization that was handling all the relief materials in that area. They were doing a really good job as they were individually inviting families, using speakers and microphones and providing relief material according to the needs. They helped the team carry the clothes to the distribution area and were thankful to the team for the relief provided. Despite the heavy downfall, the team successfully completed the mission.

On 11th of May, Deerwalk Foundation conducted a training on “Rapid Visual Building Assessment” for the employees of DWS. Altogether, there were 35 participants. The training was conducted by Arch. Pranab Man Singh. The training was interactive and useful to all the participants as they got to know about the quick method of assessing their own building.

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