Relief Work – Day 18
On 18th May, 2015, Deerwalk Foundation distributed cash in its premises to some of the neighboring households. The cash of 10,000 each was distributed to 12 house-owners, whose houses were completely or partially damaged. This was a continuation of the event that happened on April 29. Previously, on 2nd day of relief work, we had distributed the cash on the basis of their damages, but this time we equally divided the cash to the people. The program was led by Mr. Shyam Krishna Sangat and Campus Chief Mr. Surendra Nath Adhikari. We know that the money would not suffice, but taking this initiative and helping them in their difficult times will be of great value. The earthquake victims were very much pleased to receive the relief cash and requested us to get more, so they could use the money to fulfill their immediate need.

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