On June 7, 2015, Sunday, volunteers of Deerwalk Foundation, Raghu Pathak, Kanchan Raj Pandey and Ashish Bikram Lamichhane, led by Surendra Nath Adhikari, the Campus Chief of DWIT, headed to one of the remote villages, Upper Kanakot, to perform survey and assess the post earthquake need of the people residing there. Upper Kanakot belongs to Chandragiri Municipality of Kathmandu.

The team reached the road-head at around 8 AM, where they had to leave the vehicle and walked uphill and reached Upper Kanakot at around 9 AM. With the help of local volunteers, the team prepared the list of owners of the household of the area. Surendra and other volunteers had a conversation with the crowd gathered in the village and clarified the main objective of the visit. They explained what type of co-operation was expected from the villagers during the data survey. The team distributed one mosquito net per house to all the 36 households. Then, the team visited some of the houses and collected some information such as, number of members, financial status of the family, total estimate of rebuilding the house, their expectations from outsiders, etc. These were the main concerns raised during the data collection session. In total, data of 15 different houses were collected. While asking about the house-preference, the villagers preferred to have cement mortar, single storeyed house than mud mortar multi-storeyed house. The team realized that the level of awareness among the villagers is pretty high after the earthquake. They would like to build their houses safer and strong. Also, a local volunteer group was formed in the village, so Deerwalk Foundation will contact them for any future relief program.

The volunteer team promised the villagers that Deerwalk Foundation will do its best to support the families of Upper Kanakot.

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