On 28th June, 2015, Deerwalk Foundation volunteers Surendra Adhikari, Abhishekh Khatiwoda, Samjhana Adhikari, Kanchan Raj Pandey and Milan Lohani reached Dhading to distribute cash received from donors to the earthquake victims of Lower Kanakot. The team had already carried out household survey and collected data about condition of the families there last week.

The main objective of the visit was to distribute cash to families who severely suffered from earthquake. In the first village, nine Shrestha and Khadgi families received cash of NRS 25000 each. The families had critical situation and were still living in small temporary houses. After that the team went uphill to Lohani Gaon and distributed cash of 25000 NRS (250USD) each to five families. Later the team also distributed 20000 NRS (200USD) each to nine Pandey families who had previously received 5000 NRS each from the Deerwalk Foundation Team.

Volunteers also prepared the list of families who were not included in the recipients list during the survey and assured them that Deerwalk Foundation will request the donors for more aid. The families who received the fund are expected to start their construction work as soon as possible.

Despite the unfavorable situation, villagers were generous to serve us with curd. They were thankful and we were happy to have helped them. Finally the team completed the relief work and got back to Kathmandu.

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