The volunteers at Deerwalk Foundation helped to drop the relief items gathered to Nagarik Hospital, Lokanthali. At around 1:00, we left for the relief work. Today, we wanted to do some cleaning so we bought around two dozen helmets, 25 pairs of gloves and some brooms. We then headed for Kalmochan Temple. The department of Archaeology was looking for volunteers to preserve the remains of now completely destroyed monument. The Chief of department of archaeology was happy to see us arrive. He told us that the police force is fully occupied with the task of taking the idols trapped inside. We were asked to neatly arrange the pieces of bricks and pile them up neatly so that they can be used for restoration process. We worked for around 4 hours with intermittent breaks in between and left around 6:00 PM.

We spent around Rs 10,000 buying gloves, helmets ( very cheap ones ) and around Rs 3,500 ( part of the same Rs 10,000) on food.