On 1st January 2016, DWIT Social Service Club, in collaboration with Deerwalk Foundation, initiated their first day of ‘Wake the City Warm’ Campaign helping the needy people around the Pashupatinath, Gaurighat, Guheshwori and Gaushala area.

The volunteering team with a total of 15 members; Pankaj KC(Team leader), Mohan Sign Bomrel(Club President), Mallika Bhattarai, Sagar Giri, Kundar Sumsher Rana, Anil Parajuli, Shila Parajuli, Asmita Subedi, Aasha Poudel, Dipal Malla(Media Club Representative), Iris Raj Pokharel, Shiva Tripathi, Babin Karki, Kushal Bista and Siddhartha Giri reached Pashupatinath Temple at around 12 noon. The team was divided into groups of 4 each to observe the areas of Pashupatinath and Gaurighat and approximate the number of underprivileged people and study their situation.

After the observation, each team member gathered the required clothes and went back to the needy and deprived people, and distributed the clothes among them as per their need. In the campaign, warm clothes were distributed among the little kids, handicapped and blind people, women, and particularly elderly people. It was disheartening to see the way they lived their life but in the end, they were happy to receive our help and it was such a bliss to see smiles over their faces.

Mohan Singh Bomrel, the current president of Social Service Club said, “We all were worried whether or not our campaign would be successful; but in the end, with all our hard work and effort, the event was fruitful. We are hopeful that our small effort will be able to warm the shivering heart of deprived people. Now we all feel blessed and the feeling is inexpressible.

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